The Qur'an and Tafsir Academy have taken the academic studies on the agenda of the Qur'anic studies as an issue of the year, 2017. Masters and Doctoral theses in the field of Qur'anic Studies in the West and Muslim world will be evaluated.  The ultimate goal in this conference is to determine the scientific quality and standards of post-graduate academic studies for Qur'anic Studies in Universities. In the conference, academic theses will be discussed from various perspectives. The main themes of the symposium are:

Qur'anic Studies

  1. Major themes, methods and theories
  2. Approaches and schools of thoughts
  3. Role of the identities in the theses in the Qur'anic studies (ideology, politics, schools, gender, local and immigrant, orientalist...)
  4. Science Policies
  5. Academic Freedom
  6. Advisor-student associations
  7. Reasons and motivations in choosing the field of Qur'anic studies
  8. Sustainability / continuity of theses
  9. Impacts of theses
  10. Socio-political factors in theses of Qur'anic Studies (such as September 11, Islamo-phobia, Euro-Islam, Arab Spring etc.)
  11. Outsider and insider views to the Study of the Qur'an in Turkey
  12. Theses on Ottoman and Turkish the Literature of Tafsir


To submit a paper or panel proposal, please complete the relevant form by 30 June 2017